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Why You Should Move to Colorado Springs After You Retire from the Military

Colorado Springs, often referred to as “Olympic City USA,” is a city that stands out as a fantastic place to consider for retirement, particularly if you’re a military veteran. Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, this picturesque city offers a unique blend of natural beauty, a strong military presence, and a vibrant community that can make it an ideal destination for your retirement. In this blog, we will explore several compelling reasons why you should consider a move to Colorado Springs after retiring from the military.

  1. Strong Military Presence:

Colorado Springs is home to several military installations, including the United States Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson Space Force Base, and Schriever Space Force Base. This strong military presence creates a supportive and welcoming environment for veterans and retirees. You’ll find a network of fellow service members and a deep respect for military culture throughout the city.

  1. Quality Healthcare:

Access to quality healthcare is crucial, especially as you transition into retirement. Colorado Springs boasts world-class medical facilities, including the Penrose-St. Francis Health System and UCHealth Memorial Hospital. The city’s healthcare system is well-equipped to cater to the unique needs of veterans and retirees.

  1. Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Recreation:

One of the most attractive aspects of Colorado Springs is its breathtaking natural surroundings. The city is nestled at the base of Pikes Peak and is surrounded by the stunning Rocky Mountains. The area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and golf. Garden of the Gods, a city park with towering sandstone formations, and the serene Manitou Springs are just a short drive away. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, you’ll have ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

  1. Low Cost of Living:

Compared to many other retirement destinations, Colorado Springs offers a relatively low cost of living. Housing is affordable, and the city’s overall cost of living is below the national average. This makes it easier to stretch your retirement savings and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

  1. Thriving Job Market:

If you’re considering working part-time during your retirement, Colorado Springs offers a thriving job market. The city’s diverse economy includes opportunities in technology, healthcare, education, and the military-industrial complex. Additionally, the presence of several military installations can open up job opportunities for retirees seeking to leverage their military experience.

  1. Cultural Attractions:

Colorado Springs is not just about natural beauty; it also offers a thriving cultural scene. The city boasts museums, theaters, and art galleries. The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts, and the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum are just a few examples of the cultural attractions you can enjoy.

  1. Active Senior Communities:

Colorado Springs offers a range of active senior living communities that provide a vibrant and engaging environment for retirees. These communities often organize various activities and events, promoting social interaction and overall well-being.

  1. Mild Climate:

Colorado Springs enjoys a moderate climate, with all four seasons and relatively mild winters. You can still experience the beauty of the changing seasons without enduring extreme temperatures, making it an ideal place for outdoor activities year-round.


Colorado Springs is a city that offers military retirees a welcoming environment, stunning natural beauty, a low cost of living, and numerous opportunities for an active and fulfilling retirement. Its strong military presence, combined with a range of cultural and outdoor activities, makes it a compelling choice for those looking to start a new chapter in their lives after leaving the military. Consider Colorado Springs as your post-military retirement destination, and you’ll discover a city that truly values and supports its veterans.

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