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How Long Does It Take To Sell A House In Colorado?

If you’re a homeowner getting ready to list your property, or it is currently on the market, the timeline for how long it will take to actually sell is likely top of mind. The duration can vary greatly based on market conditions and location, both nationally and within your specific area. Let’s explore what to expect on both a broad U.S. scale and a focused look at factors impacting Colorado.  This will assist you in understanding how long it takes to sell a house in Colorado.

Key Takeaways

  • Nationally, it takes an average of 50-100 days for a single family home to go from listing to offer accepted. Add 30-45 days for closing and you’re looking at a total of 80-145 days sold.
  • Prime home selling season is late spring through early summer when markets are most active. Winter months tend to be slower.
  • In Colorado specifically, market factors like location, pricing strategy and demand impact exact timelines. But the spring/summer peak holds true.

The National Timeline Perspective

On average across the country, it takes between 50-100 days for a single family home to go from initial listing to an offer being accepted. This accounts for the full listing duration up until the point when seller and buyer agree on terms. 

After an offer is accepted, most deals then require an additional 30-45 days to finalize the closing process before the home is officially sold. Taken together, this puts the total timeline for a house to sell in the U.S. between 80-145 days on average.

Seasonal factors also come into play. Homes typically sell fastest during peak activity seasons in the late spring through early parts of summer. Less favorable conditions in fall/winter can result in slower turnarounds.

A Focused Look at the Colorado Market

For sellers specifically in Colorado, market dynamics across the state impact precise timelines. But the spring/summer prime season generally correlates with quicker sales.

In top Colorado markets, homes may sell in just weeks or a couple months after listing. But variables like metro location, pricing approach and area demand play a major role. A rural mountain town will differ greatly from downtown Denver.

Being flexible on showings and closing scheduling tends to support faster deals. And leveraging competitive pricing plus great photography/listings helps capture buyer interest more quickly. Taking these proactive steps while listing during peak seasons sets sellers up for success.

So while national averages provide a helpful baseline, honing in on local intel paints a more accurate picture of how long selling takes in Colorado. Combining broad data with market-specific factors allows savvy sellers to craft realistic expectations.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A House In Colorado?

  • According to data from October 2023, in Denver, 63% of homes were sold within 30 days, 28% within 30 to 90 days, and 9% took over 90 days to sell.
  • Factors influencing the speed of home sales in Colorado include the time of year. Homes listed in April or June tend to spend 16 days on the market, quicker than the average of 24 days.
  • In June 2023, the typical for-sale home in Colorado Springs received two offers and spent 23 days on the market.

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