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Are Empty Houses Harder to Sell?

If you’re selling your home but have already moved out, you may be wondering—are empty houses harder to sell than furnished ones? It’s a key question to consider. A vacant property can certainly discourage some buyers or allow imagination gaps that stifle competitive offers. Fortunately, smart staging and marketing tactics can overcome downsides to an unoccupied listing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empty houses can be harder to sell because they lack furnishings that allow buyers to envision living there and have added security concerns.
  • Smart staging using quality rented furniture, accent décor, curb appeal improvements, and enhanced lighting can overcome downsides.
  • Leveraging 3D home tours, room dimension enhancements, and a realtor experienced at marketing vacant houses also helps spotlight potential despite lack of occupants.

Why Are Empty Houses Harder To Sell?

There’s no doubt empty spaces have unique challenges over lived-in homes. Devoid of decor, furniture and the overall vibrance of an inhabited dwelling, vacant properties struggle conveying that cozy, welcoming appeal many buyers desire. Instead, bare walls and empty rooms only emphasize how lifeless a space feels. 

On top of ambiance issues, there’s added security concerns and costs for unrented, unoccupied houses between showings. Without residents keeping watch, they become targets for copper wire thieves, vandals and squatters that could derail your sale. Higher insurance premiums also kick in for vacancies over 30 days in many cases.

Yet while clearly tougher to showcase, an empty house isn’t necessarily a lost cause. Think of it as a blank canvas allowing buyers’ imaginations to run wild picturing themselves living there. You just need the right staging and marketing to spark that vision.

Tips for Overcoming Downsides of Empty Houses

If selling an empty home, smart staging can make all the difference. Follow these tips to maximize appeal:

  • Strategically place quality furniture – Outfit each room with appropriate, coordinating rental pieces so buyers can instantly envision daily life flowing smoothly.
  • Use accent décor for pops of personality – Vibrant throw pillows, rugs, wall art and greenery bring sterile spaces to life. 
  • Improve curb appeal – Fresh exterior paint or landscaping elevates initial impressions.
  • Enhance lighting ambiance – Proper wattage bulbs and lamp placement warm up vacant gloom.  
  • Highlight room dimensions – Clever planning of furnishings illustrates potential usage of square footage.
  • Lean on 3D home tour technology – These immersive video walkthroughs dynamically showcase spaces no longer hindered by physical access limits.

Get the property prepped properly using home staging best practices, partner with a realtor adept at the nuances of marketing and leverage visual media tools to create the emotional pull buyers need.

While funding extra improvements and carrying added costs of unoccupied properties stay challenging, going the extra mile for stellar presentation can pay dividends attracting qualified buyers willing to see your home’s immense possibilities.

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