Jin & David Wick
Jin & David Wick


Jin did a wonderful job helping us buy a fine house at a reasonable price for the area. Jin is a highly experienced agent who worked very hard on our behalf. She went way beyond the norm in providing moral support and serving as a sounding board for our concerns about the process.

Jeffrey Sexton 5 Stars

we highly recommend Jin. she made the home buying process so easy and stress free. we could not have done it without her. she is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the current market. we told her what kind of house we wanted and sure enough she found the perfect one.

Emmett Moldenhauer 5 Stars

I found Jin through a Google Search for realtors in Denver/Colorado Springs. I was looking for a realtor who would listen to my ideas and goals. Jin listened and told me how we could make my plan happen. It is important to me to sell my home and find another one that allows my family more room. Jin looked at my home and made several suggestions for how to make the condo more appealing. After following her suggestions, my home looks much better. Jin understands the real estate market and shares her knowledge with her clients. I would recommend Jin to anyone looking to buy or sell a home and will use her again if I decide to move again.

Christie Bowman 5 Stars

Jin is amazing! She is customer-focused, has good connections to builders for new builds, wouldn’t let us make a bad investment, and a great negotiator! She negotiated for us to get a beautiful, move-in-ready home within our budget with a better-than-market-price interest rate and a total of 8500 incentives towards closing costs. We were able to get our dream home within our budget thanks to Jin. 10/10 highly recommend, she will help you get the best bang for your buck.

Lauren K 5 Stars

Jin Wick was recommended by a friend to me and my spouse and we could not have been happier. Jin was a great realtor that found places within our price range with great property value. She also was helpful with teaching us about financial growth and steering us in the direction that will provide us with great future growth potential. We closed just last week and it went so smooth. I will be using her for any future property needs.

Kalisha Simpson 5 Stars

Jin is very energetic, which is what makes her a fabulous realtor. She listens to your needs, provides options on homes to purchase, and continues to look until she finds what suits her clients. She knows the mortgage process as well as finding the most competitive rates. She is personable with people and generous with her time. I have recommended her several times over the past few years when asked.

Nancy Bertles 5 Stars

Jin knows the market, she definitely knows what she is doing. She really helped sell the house. No hassle, In the 35 days, and the price I desired. She truly likes all the reviews I saw her clients write for her on Google. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also a very good negotiator. I did not spend any extra penny to sell my house and bought my dream home in Virginia. She also has a great team, they all work hard, detail and diligent.

Charles Wilkerson 5 Stars

Jin helped match us to the perfect home and seller. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. She was professional and has become a dear friend. Jin will treat you with respect and honor. You will have a seamless transaction. I highly recommend this quality realtor. Thank you, Jin.

Linda Tansey 5 Stars

Zillow referred Jin to me and my wife. Jin immediately called me and started to work she my wife and I figure out what we need quickly We had to buy a house and she have been communicating with us constantly to ensure we are fully informed she did a great job negotiating with sellers to get us 15000 off original price plus concessions fee. She knows the Colorado Springs market; She has a broad knowledge of real estate, not only in real estate buy and sell and also real estate investment we become friends we will continue work together and refer to all my friends.

Damain Walters 5 Stars

Jin has been amazing to work with throughout the home buying process. She is a master negotiater, kind, organized and always willing to help... everything you would want in a realtor! I would recommend the Wick Group to anyone looking to sell or buy!

Jenni Williams 5 Stars

Jin has been absolutely amazing during our experience buying a home for the first time. She has skills to overcome any situation with her quick thinking, Jin become more then our realtor she became a good friend. I HIGHLY recommend Jin to anyone!!

Ricardo Paz 5 Stars

David and Jin are a power couple. Their hearts are big and have great intentions of helping both buyers and sellers. As someone who are working with them, their patience are extreme and are willing to meet halfway. Working with Jin and David is really an experience for me!

Dianne Marie Salango 5 Stars

The first time we spoke with Jin on the phone she was ready & willing to meet with us that same day. And still she remains that eager and available for us no matter what. She doesn’t do it out of desperation but out of true care for her clients! When buying our first home, she took the time to get to know our particular preferences and needs. She never pushed us into anything but was patient and efficient and dedicated!!! Now she is a great friend to us and we will continue to recommend Jin to ANYONE!!

Aimee Roberts 5 Stars

Where to start with Jin? She's an awesome person who looks out for YOUR bottom line. I asked about real estate investing, out first meeting was almost two hours just talking the business. She didn't pressure me to look at properties because it wasn't about her, it was about what was best for my nascent business and my family. The best thing about working with Jin is her positive work ethic. She is always optimistic about deals and seals them better than the other agents I've worked with. If you're looking to work with Jin expect to answer a lot of questions, she likes to get to know you. Expect her to have face-to-face conversations over some lunch or tea/coffee as she is very personable. Expect Jin to actually work for you, she'll push back if you are thinking not in your best interest, or if an inspector needs a swift kick in his rear to get out to a property in a hurry. From working with Jin, I understand the property acquisitions process to the point that I am confident I will be able to grow my investment business on my own without falling into horrible learning situations (not that I would, Jin's too awesome to work with). I am glad to have found and met such an amazing person with whom I can talk real estate on a realistic level, as well as someone I can call a friend. Thank you for helping my family Jin!

John Riordan 5 Stars

Jin was very professional and every aspect of the transaction. Even with very limited time to sell the property, she was very committed to her word and professionalism. She got the job done in a timely manner. She made the transaction feel hassle free and very stress free. I would totally recommend her 100%!!...Definitely would come back to Jin to do business in the future.

Sergio Lagos 5 Stars

Great team. Jin is indeed a realtor with a heart. It was a stress free transaction. I am just so excited to tell everyone how amazing the team was. Thank you! Highly recommended with 5 stars!

Maque Relavo 5 Stars

Working with Jin was all around an amazing experience. Selling a home can be so stressful, but Jin walked us through every step of the way. She was always available to answer our questions and explained everything thoroughly. We were very pleased with the results of our sale and would recommend Jin to anyone!

Toni Green 5 Stars

Jin and her team, were so amazing while me and my husband were looking for our first home. She helped us above and beyond what a normal realtor would do for our family. So blessed to have been able to work with her. Would highly recommend her if you were looking for a home.

Caitlynn Lund 5 Stars

We have worked with Jin since 2018. She helped us purchase and sell both of our homes. Thanks to her experience and knowledge we did very well in the real estate market. She taught us so much about maximizing our investments. If you are looking to build a real estate investment I would definitely look to her. She is also very quick to respond and walks you through every step of the way with The as much detail as you need.

Toro Family 5 Stars

I can honestly say that a realtor became a good friend and even family! I worked with Yuhuan 4 over 2 years and I just closed on my house yesterday. Since she had helped several of my other friends by their house is I have complete trust in her but I never thought I would make the best investment of my life and she was by my side the whole way! Her patience and knowledge cannot be matched with anyone in Colorado Springs or Denver Colorado. I can't believe how blessed I am and I'm so happy that she was by my side the whole way with her professional and persistent Style that any home buyer could ever want in a realtor. Thank you so much for everything! I highly recommend if you are buying a house you see Yuhuan!!

Dominnic Taylor 5 Stars

I met Jin back in 2018 and we have ended up working together ever since. I have purchased multiple homes and sold multiple properties through her services. I work overseas and she has taken care of all arrangements regarding the purchase or sale of my properties. She has been efficient and professional in all matters and has worked with me to get the best deal possible. I really appreciate everything Jin has done for us!

Raziel Toro 5 Stars

We expected that our listing would probably languish for months, but the Wick Group was able to find interested parties and get reasonable offers without hassle to us. The sale was complete in just over 2 months which included the Christmas holidays.

Ken Ennis 5 Stars

We just sold our home and had the pleasure to work with Jin & David. They made what could have been a stressful and difficult process as seamless as could be. They really cared and had lots of connections. Would recommend them to anyone!

Jay Zeng 5 Stars

Excellent service, Jin treats every client as family, definitely recommend her as realtor.

Gabriela Montes 5 Stars

Absolutely incredible. Jin was easy to work with and was very patient. We moved from Iowa to Colorado Springs area and she helped guide us to the EXACT location we dreamt about. Once we arrived to look at homes we were constantly met with stunning properties and we landed a great home. I have nothing but great things to say about Jin!

Dustin and Jenni Williams 5 Stars

When we bought our house Jin and David where there for us every step of the way. My husband and I both work so seeing houses in a timely matter was tricky. One of them would meet us after hours to show us houses. David even made sure I thought about a house I liked. He would point out everything that I might not like in a house. Things I did not think of. I asked him why he always try's to talk me out of a house. He simply said he wanted me to be 100% happy with my choice. It helped me see things that I may not have. He tried hard to point out everything in the house We finally settled on. I'm glad because we bought the house with eyes wide open and we love it in spite of it's flaws. Thanks Wick Team.

Chrissie Tarcza 5 Stars

We closed 6 properties with Jin as our real estate agent this year. She gave me a wealth of advice on the current market conditions, how each investment would fit into my long term retirement plan, and how each feature of the home would add or subtract value in terms of rent and appraisal. It is rare to find an agent that has such a detailed read on the pulse of the market while also having incredible attention to detail. During the whole process she advocated for my position with each seller and was able to save me over $15K and got each property to close on time with no hiccups along the way. Truly, Jin and David have won over my business and I look forward to doing many more deals with them in the future!

Eric Gao 5 Stars

Jin is one of the best! She helped me in purchasing 3 homes and selling one, all the processes went extremely smoothly without any issue. She has rich knowledge in real estate market and is always ready to help people. She gave me a lot ideas about real estate investment and management. I highly recommend her.

Linji An 5 Stars

The Wick Group has shepherded us through two house purchases and one sale. I think Jin is the hardest working realtor in Colorado Springs and she has always kept our best interests at the top of her priority list. You wouldn't go wrong using her as your realtor; she'll do a great job for you.

Greg Phillips 5 Stars

A friend referred me to Jin Wick, I called her and within 24 hours, not only was my house being marketed on Facebook, but an open house had been set up for the weekend and my house was sold within two weeks. She is personable ,knowledgeable and so easy to work with. I had an emergency situation where I needed my house to sell within a certain timeframe and she delivered 100%-flyers were marketed to my neighborhood and I had showings immediately. She reached out to all of her contacts and made it happen! I am so grateful to Jin and David for all of their hard work and highly recommend using them!

Sarah Hatheway 5 Stars

We have use Jin and her husband several times to sell and purchase houses and are always impressed with their knowledge of the market and their attention to detail and just they’re very hard work bringing us to the right house. Very pleased and will use again.

Peregrine Designs 5 Stars

Jin really knows what she is doing, very knowledgeable and quick response for my questions. I highly highly recommend her to all people who are planning for real estate buy and sale in the future.

寂灭一心 5 Stars

Jin has helped my family since 2014 and has always been a great resource. Very helpful, caring and does her best to make sure you get the best possible!

Brenda Montes 5 Stars

Absolutely Love Jin. She is an amazing real estate agent, very fast and efficient. She helped us buy our first house quickly. We highly recommend Jin.

Misty Mata 5 Stars

Great service, my favorite Realtor! I will have Jin by my side next year when I start looking for my next property.

Cristhian Guarderas 5 Stars

Jin was absolutely amazing! She was very communicative through the whole process. She knew the market very well. And helped us in every way possible. Always recommended! We cannot thank you more.

Jason De Leon 5 Stars

Jin has been amazing during our experience of selling our home. She helped us every step of the way, answering any questions that we had. I would recommend her for the buying and selling of your home.

Karma Olson 5 Stars

Jin is AMAZING! She was knowledgeable about everything I knew nothing about as being a first time buyer. She was with through every step and kept encouraging me as it was hard to find the right place. We finally did and she moved mountains to help me get my first home!!! Without her none of it would have been possible, and now I have my very own home! Thank you Jin for all the hours you spent looking and helping me find my perfect home!

Joshua Tidwell 5 Stars

Jin is a wonderful and amazing Agent! She was able to help me out on the whole process. I can't wait to refer my families and friends to her! Good luck and i'm rooting for your business!

Ana Jessica Santos 5 Stars

Jin is absolutely amazing. Her and I were introduced by a good friend as she knew our family was having an issue finding something in our price range. Jin is always so positive and makes sure she is available to answer any questions and to help you find the right answers and home for you. She's also the type of realtor who will become your "friend" making sure you don't make mistakes along the way. Also her and her husband make sure they are available as needed to show you the right property for you (a d I'll add in they work great as a team) I would highly recommend Jin to anyone looking for your dream home.

Kayla Bates 5 Stars

Outstanding service very professional and personable treat you like a friend from day 1. Made process less stressful than I anticipated.

Belma Conti 5 Stars

I just love Jin she is the best. She made buying a house so much fun, with her knowledge and expertise it was a breeze. To be honest I was so scared in the beginning but Jin knew exactly what I was looking for , she had a lot of patience and confidence. It's been three years and I'm still so happy. Jin being my realtor was the best decision I made. We are still friends to this day and I would definitely chose her again as my realtor.

Michelle Barnett 5 Stars

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